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Steve Treseler

We're creating a network for forward-looking music educators

Join our Mighty Network Sound Expression Lab.

About Us

We are a community of forward-looking music educators sharing ideas, answering questions, and supporting one another. 

You'll meet a diverse group of music educators in from all over the world—band/orchestra directors, private instructors, professors, elementary music teachers, freelancers, and directors of community music schools. What binds us together is the belief that music education should go beyond technique and standard repertoire. 

Our mission is to ignite musicians who are expressive, independent, creative, collaborative, and inspired by music from around the globe.

This community is a "lab" because, like scientists, we value curiosity, experimentation, and analysis.  We can maximize our impact by sharing our results with one another. Joining the community gives you access to a growing library of free resources. 

Hope you can join us! See you inside.

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